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Captain Kev's Custom Charters

The custom charters described on this page will generally be available from about June 1st through the end of November. All of the captain's boat rules related to keeping fish apply on these charters, as do any applicable discounts. Those with ideas about other types of custom charters should direct inquiries to Captain Kev through email or by calling (361)-688-3714.

Drift fishing

This type of charter is for those who can't wade or who simply prefer to fish out of the boat. The use of a Power Pole and trolling motor to control the boat will enhance the potential for catching fish. The focus of the trip will be more on numbers and variety than on trophy trout specifically. Perfect for beginners, novices and families, drift fishing charters can be scheduled as a Summer Sunrise Special, running for approximately five hours at a reduced base rate of $425 for two or three anglers, or as a full day charter.


Night Wading

Designed for hardcore trophy enthusiasts who want to beat the summer heat or avoid the crowds that can cover the bays in the light of day or for those who just want to experience the thrill of hooking and fighting trout in the dark, night wading trips are available only as full eight hour trips. Anglers booking such trips will need to have all their own wading gear, including a small light that can be carried while fishing. The number of anglers can range from one to three. Availability depends on the captain's schedule. Basic rates apply.


Navigation/Survey Trip

The purpose of this type of charter is to document GPS and other information about an area. Navigation trips work best when one client hires the captain and the charter is run in the captain's boat. In such a situation, the client should bring a handheld GPS on which to record data. The accumulation of data will include placing track lines to be used as routes, and the marking of obstructions, anchor sites and fishing spots. Fishing will be part of such an outing, so that the client can get a feel for some of the sweet spots in the area, but the focus will be on getting as much surveying done as possible. The captain will talk the client through many of the basics of accessing and fishing the area. The ability to do a survey trip in an area can be limited by weather factors. Possible sites for this type of trip include Baffin Bay, the Upper Laguna Madre, Corpus Christi Bay and Nueces Bay. It is sometimes possible to run this type of outing from a client's boat. Inquiries about that are welcome. The charter can be done as a short day (5 hour) or full day. Basic charter rates apply.

Surf Excursions

Venturing to the surf in the boat during calm periods in the summer can be productive and fun. Such an excursion is difficult to plan in advance, but those booking trips for the summer period can request such an excursion if conditions permit as the time of their charter approaches. When scheduling a charter with this in mind, please mention it to the captain while booking. Basic charter rates apply.

Boating/Bird watching/Sightseeing Tours

These types of outings are for those interested in getting out on the water for purposes other than fishing. Such a charter can be tailored to fit the client's wishes. Ideas for such outings include tours of the area around the JFK Causeway for potential homebuyers, picnics at remote locations along Padre Island, bird watching and photography, romantic sunset casual cruises and much more. Inquire about the captain's ideas or call with your own! A minimum fee for such charters will be $250. Minimum time frame is four hours. Rates for specific outings to be determined once they are designed and agreed upon by the captain and client.

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