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You are a class act...what I heard from you in class was already at least 10 times more than what I would have taken away and been happy with!

I am a very studious individual by nature, and I've never been attracted to the newest/ flashiest stuff. Sound fundamentals is where it's always been for me, in life in general and fishing by extension. Bruce Lee once said he's not afraid of the guy who knows 10,000 kicks, but of the guy who knows 1 kick and has practiced it 10,000 times... Your teaching approach reminds me a lot of the second, which is why I have enjoyed your materials so much.

The seminar gave me a very solid exposure to what I want to do to continue improving, and I am very grateful to you.

Thank you again for everything, and I hope to meet up with you again.

Be well my friend,

Anton K.


Wow! The Keeper Gyotaku prints just arrived at my house. They are beautiful. Thank you so much. You and Heather did the magnificent speckled trout justice. Not many prints or paintings do what you two have done with this incredible fish.

Preston Barragan


Got the book [Productive Places and Patterns] and wanted you to know, I haven't been disappointed. It's very informative and useful....I appreciate you sharing your information, as it's helped me to better plan my fishing excursions and think about patterns and places, taking into consideration whatever variables are at play. Your book has revitalized my fishing, and I am eternally grateful.....Bruce Robertson

Hey Kev,

Just wanted to drop a quick line and say thanks for a GREAT seminar. I really enjoyed it and learned a ton.... I want to THANK YOU for sharing all your hard-earned knowledge. I am new to fishing, and it has been very frustrating trying to learn.... You have provided me a road map to build my knowledge......Tim Thompson


Captain Kev,
I wanted to say thank you this morning....I have learned a tremendous amount from you over the past couple of years, and it's really starting to pay off. I caught this fish at 6:10 am, when we were just beginning to see. She weighed 6.5 pounds and measured 28 inches. Definitely my personal best for POC.
Our plan was to fish the bright moon setting in knee deep water. Best of all, she was caught on a MirrOprop. I have really been fishing this bait since you informed me about it and have caught more trout and reds mixed than I ever have on any other topwater. We returned the next morning to catch a 26 and 25-inch trout under the same conditions.
Thanks again!
Beau Blackard



I ordered the Advanced Trophy Trout Tactics DVD. You are the reason I release the big ones now. I live in Destin, FL [where] I incorporate the techniques I learned from you about Corkies, and I've had incredible success. I released 9 trout over 26 inches last year. Where I am from that is huge! I wanted to say thanks for the lesson.

David Barron



I have to tell you...I have not been able to put the book Beyond the Devil's Elbow down. Loving it! You have an amazing ability to tell your story so I can picture it in my mind. I have highlighted sentences and paragraphs that speak to me in a profound way. It has been years since I have read a book so engrossing.

Your Friend,
Darla Dunkin

Captain Kev,

Thanks for your instructional videos! Both these fish were caught and released on the same trip.

Manuel Cavazos


Captain Kev,

I wanted to let you know I caught my second 30 inch trout using the method you taught me in the recent charter we had at the begining of the month (May 2011). By far the biggest trout I have caught in the summer, it was caught on a Texas Chicken Corky using 12 rapid twitches followed by a short pause. Thanks again for the lesson and the great experience I had in Texas.

Sheldon Arey



Would like to thank you for one of the greatest fishing days of my life. Not only were the fish we caught awesome, but the many things I learned from you will help me the rest of my fishing days...

Michael Theriot

My fishing buddy caught our first double digit speck on a Fat Boy today. Using your techniques from the video, he hooked and landed this 33 inch, 12 pound, 3 ounce fish... We tagged and released her, and she swam off with gusto. The fish was caught (in Virginia)... in about 5 feet of water on an edge of a flat... We use your twitching technique in the video followed by a long pause to allow the bait to sink in the cold water. That is when they take it most times. Thanks again for the video. It has opened a whole new level of Monster Speck Fishing to us.......Tight Lines, Sheldon Arey

Just wanted to thank you for a great trip. We had a blast. The thing that was most impressive to me was your willingness to teach your technique throughout our trip. You are the best guide I have had the opportunity to fish with; your attention to detail and ability to focus those around you was great to witness. Thank you again for the awesome trip and all you do for our fishery by promoting catch and release.
Chris Burns

Here’s a picture of my personal best, a 31 inch, 10.25 lb. fish which I caught using the Corky technique you taught me on the charter last summer. This was one of 5 fish I caught this morning (2/21/10) over 7lbs, all using the same Corky technique. Thanks again,
Jason King


Using the techniques and tactics you described in the video, my buddy and I went to Christmas Bay and hammered the trout...including this new personal best 28 incher....Just wanted to thank you for making that video worth every cent and giving me a new outlook on wadefishing tactics (and showing [how] to work Corkys).
Chris Mendoza

I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the materials you shipped to me. I have watched the DVD, I have read Tricking Texas Trout and I am well into Waters Wild.
Justin Morris

P.S. The Phantom is awesome!

Captain Kev,
I would like to thank you for the [August} trip and you putting me on a quality...“picture fish”. You certainly live up to your reputation as a “teaching guide” who puts forth a 110% effort, and I went home a better angler for having fished with you.

We’ll definitely do it again.


Jason King

I received the DVD [and] give you an A+ on all segments... was not disappointed, nor did I feel that you held back on sharing your knowledge. The graphs on the lure selection...[were]... informative. That segment alone is worth the value of the DVD... The Phantom portion(s)...[were]... excellent.

Steven Copeland

Wanted to thank you...for your inspiring and informative articles in [TSF magazine] and also the books you have authored, I have [both] of them and couldn’t help but read them in one day....what you really have given me is a sense of confidence.

Rusty Frederick

You are the man Kev!!! We won first place with an 8 pound trout and a 6 pound red. Both fish were caught in [the spot you showed us]. The trout was really exciting for all of us. I caught her on a dayglo Fat Boy... She was 28 1/2 inches and 7 1/2 pounds (they add 1/2 pound for live fish). She was the biggest fish of the tourney, including the reds. We beat 19 pro boats and 18 amateur boats. Both of our fish were released alive after the weigh in. Thank you so much for your help and your knowledge. I really enjoy fishing with you... I think my bass fishing days are coming to an end. Saltwater is the best.

Thanks, Will Truss


Thanks...for helping me catch [this] great fish with your reports, articles and personal instruction on charters.

Joe Devine



We had a great time on the water with you last week. I will never forget catching those three big trout on the same day. We really appreciate the way you give us tips to help us when we are fishing. You are a true professional!

Thanks again,

James Heard

My name is Kody Cator and I'm currently deployed over here in Iraq. My folks sent me a care package with some fishing magazines and a copy of your book Waters Wild was with it. I think they picked it up at the Texas Hunters & Sportsman's Expo in McAllen. We've lived down in that area since 2002 and have done quite a bit of fishing in the Laguna and are still learning as we go.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your book and let you know that I had a great time reading it. The stories are great ones and some great learning points to go along with them. My fiance, who is over here with me, is reading it now and loves it as well.

Thanks for you time and your book,

Kody Cator

Captain Kev,
I am having one of the best trout years that I have ever had. I can honestly say that reading your articles and books has made a big difference in the size of the trout that I am catching! You have taught me how to target the larger trout and I have seen the results. Thanks!!!

Tight Lines,

Dave Moss

My buddies and I are looking forward to fishing with you in early February. We can’t wait.

Back in October, I bought your book, Tricking Texas Trout, for my dad’s birthday. He’s not a book reader, but he did read your book and he really enjoyed it. I started reading it this week and I’m almost done. It’s wonderful!


Barkley Peschel

Hey Kev,

Thanks for another wonderful trip, I really enjoyed myself and I think we did quite well for the conditions that were presented to us. You are indeed a first class guide.

Brad Lyssey

Cap'n Kev Cochran - (361) 688-3714

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