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Trout Tracker Guide Service
Capt. Kevin Cochran, Baffin Bay Fishing Guide - Featured Photo

Tony Carrol, 11/16/20 - Featured Photo

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Trout Tracker Guide Service
Capt. Kevin Cochran
U.S.C.G. Lic #844945

Fish with a top "teaching pro" within the guide fraternity seeking trophy trout from the famed waters of Baffin Bay on the Texas gulf coast and the Upper Laguna Madre to Corpus Christi Bay.

Cap'n Kev Cochran
Call (361) 688-3714

Captain Kevin Cochran is a life-long fisherman with over two decades of experience fishing most every named saltwater bay in Texas. A sport-fishing lure specialist, Kev is a tournament-tested veteran who was named the Rudy Grigar Award winner by Gulf Coast Troutmasters in 2001. Today, Kev's fishing efforts are focused on wadefishing for trophy speckled trout in the waters of Corpus Christi Bay, Baffin Bay and the Upper Laguna Madre.

A former secondary school teacher, this captain takes pride in his ability to coach beginning, novice and expert anglers into catching more and bigger trout on lures. On a charter, Kev will fish beside you, sharing relevant details related to trophy trout fishing. A topwater enthusiast at heart, Kev is a versatile angler who's worked hard to master the use of Paul Brown's Original Lures, both floating and sinking versions, and he's proficient with soft plastics too. Captain Cochran's pursuit of wallhanger trout is a year-round, full-time obsession, and he's willing to do what it takes to find the fish that make his home waters famous. Fishing with Kev is an opportunity to learn from one of the best. His monthly feature column has appeared in Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine since 1998.

Fishing for trophy specks in South Texas can be outstanding in any season. Every effort will be made by the captain to be in the right place at the right time, given the season and weather conditions.
Each full-day trip will include at least eight hours of fishing time, usually from about 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.. Winter times will vary according to weather and the tendency toward a better bite in the afternoon.
Summer Sunrise Special trips are available from July through September at a reduced rate. Inquire about discounts on multiple-day bookings.

Jeff Phillips - 30.25 inch 9.25#
Sunrise Special
Full Day Trip

Rates are for 2 or 3 anglers.
$50.00 extra will be charged for a 4th angler.

Inquire about special daily rates for one angler.

Call (361)688-3714

Anglers should bring a small collection of favorite lures in a wading box, though Kev will provide others as necessary. Kev encourages anglers to use their own favorite rods and reels and wading accessories.

This conservative-minded guide releases all trout over about 22 inches, except for those over 8 pounds which are intended for mounting by the taxidermist.

A $50 rebate in fee will be given on pure catch-and-release trips.

Capt. Kev fishes from a 24' Haynie High Output
powered by 225 HP Mercury Opti-Max outboard.

Suggested Things You Bring
- Food and drinks
- Proper clothing for sun and weather
- Protective wading boots
- Fishing license with saltwater stamp
- Rods, reels, lures and tackle

- Rods & reels (if needed)
- Ice for food and drinks
- Photos of your catch
- Instruction if needed

Call (361)688-3714 to book a trip, or email the captain at


Join the Lucky Sevens Club and receive detailed fishing reports at least once a week! Reports will include specific locations fished, lures and presentations used, fish caught, water conditions, predictions, advice, warnings about navigation and other hazards, etc. All members are free to contact me with questions regarding upcoming trips and tournaments. Members also receive detailed GPS information, including over 150 fishing spots, anchoring sites, track lines and navigation hazards. All memberships run for one year.
- Total number of members will be capped at 11.
- Cost of membership is $777 and entitles the member to a $50 discount on all charters booked while in the club.

By joining the Lucky Sevens club, all members agree not to email the reports to others or to disclose specific information from reports on any internet or other fishing forums. Captain Kev reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone. All inquiries regarding the Lucky Sevens should be made by phone to 361-688-3714.

NOTE: Many of the products below may also be purchased at the following retail establishments -- Roy's Bait and Tackle (Corpus Christi) and Fishing Tackle Unlimited (Houston).

Sound Operating Principles
(Digital Book)

"In order to maximize consistency, anglers must operate in locations which offer ripe opportunity, at times which provide high potential productivity. They must carry and use well-designed, efficiently-rigged equipment and must make reasoned decisions related to lure choice and presentation style, using observations of the world around them to tweak those choices appropriately. Proficient anglers who do all these things acknowledge the need for relying on sound operating principles which concurrently establish and govern truths related to the endeavors."
Sound Operating Principles is a 134-page digital book.
Cost of $9.99 covers cost, tax and shipping.

A Comprehensive Aid to Fishing Baffin and the ULM

A Comprehensive Aid to Fishing Baffin and the ULM is the most complete and detailed fishing-information product currently offered by Captain Kev.

This package includes a GPS data card with over 350 waypoints and tracklines, a DVD, spreadsheet and text document to help users understand how to use the data and a copy of Monster Maps and More, a book containing over 100 pages of graphics and text, documenting where Kev and his clients have caught trout over 27 inches throughout the area he fishes.

The price of $1029 listed for use with the PayPal button below includes cost + tax + shipping. Anyone who pays for the product with cash, check or money order can purchase the product for $999. All who wish to purchase the product should contact Kev first at 361 688 3714 or Kev at

An informative, detailed DIGITAL book, Productive Places and Patterns documents the locations and features of numerous spots where Captain Kev has caught fish, from Port Mansfield to Sabine Lake. In the 102 pages, the author also describes patterns he's used successfully in the areas. Ten Google Earth images are included to document some of the referenced sites. The DIGITAL book may be purchased using the PayPal button below. After receiving payment, Captain Kev will reply and attach a PDF of the Digital book. Price is $8.99, which includes cost+tax.


Inshore Angler's Blueprint for Success
is a 50,000 word digital book in which Captain Kev attempts to create a model, or blueprint, for inshore coastal anglers to follow in their quest for improvement. This digital book is loaded with specific recommendations on everything from basic equipment to elaborate fishing strategies and philosophies. It may be purchased with a credit card through use of the paypal button at the bottom of this page, or with a check by calling 361 688 3714.


Tricking Texas Trout
Second Edition

Captain Kev recently finished work on the Second Edition of Tricking Texas Trout. It is now an up to date, 111-page DIGITAL version of his first book. Kev says, "I remain proud of this evolving piece. The completion and release of Tricking Texas Trout started me down a productive pathway, catapulting my creative energies. Feedback I received from readers about the ideas in the text played a big role in motivating me to create other products related to the sport of lure fishing for speckled trout."
Tricking Texas Trout, Second Edition can be purchased through the PayPal button below.

Item Description
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Sound Operating Principles
(134 digital page Book)
(covers cost + tax and s&h)
Productive Places and Patterns
(Digital Book only)
(covers cost + tax and s&h)

Inshore Angler's Blueprint for Success
(Digital Book only)
(covers cost + tax and s/h)
Tricking Texas Trout
(Second Edition - Digital Book)
(covers cost + tax and s&h)
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